Using the Lessons

Welcome to CBI PATH. Here are a few tips to help you get the hang of using this site and the lessons within.

This site is optimized for use with most browsers and personal electronic devices and is optimized for use with Google Chrome. Firefox users may experience limited functionality.

Lesson instruction is available both in the language being taught and English. Look for the following button to reveal English instructions for sections where they are hidden:

     Hidden content!

Other types of expandable and collapsable content include vocabulary panels with audio guides, like the example below. These can always be activated by clicking or tapping (on mobile devices / tablets) to expand and collapse.



And also audio "popovers", which provide you with an audio file as a pronunciation guide. To activate these guides, click on a linked word, such as the one below:


Click once to open a guide and once to close. You can have as many open at a time as you wish.

In many lessons, you may submit written answers by inputting your email address as you progress through the lesson. If you don't feel the need to save your answers for further reference and prefer just to practice, feel free to skip this step.

Lesson Information, including ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, content attribution, and authorship information, can be found at the end of each lesson.

Thank you for using CBI PATH.